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Fernie, BC

A quick visit to British Columbia was the perfect cure to a dismal California snow season.  It had been quite a long time since we were last in Fernie and after following the snow reports, we decided to pull the trigger.  We have relatives in the area so we decided to make this a combination ski trip and family reunion.  Rayni found some really great prices for airfare and car rental, so we booked 5 flights on Southwest Airlines and a really nice Chevy Suburban from Avis.

It's always been important for us to teach our kids to be responsible and accountable, so we hand em a checklist and they pack their own bags.  All of their clothes and snow gear fit in one little bag each.  Each of the boys have color coded Eagle Creek "60L Cargo Hauler Duffel's" that we take on nearly all our trips.  They are incredibly light, are backpack carry and are abrasion resistant and water repellant.  There is a newer, updated version of those duffels that have reinforced buckles, and better ergonomics to ensure that your stuffed luggage stays shut even if the zipper should fail.  We tend to rely on Eagle Creek bags because our kids are terribly hard on their gear and these bags have an incredible lifetime guarantee.


The flight to Spokane was pretty quick and its a quick walk from baggage claim to the car.  The people at the Avis counter were very accommodating and we ended up with a really nice loaded Chevy Suburban with all the bells and whistles.  We made our way out of Spokane though Idaho and finally up to the Canadian Border.

When we got to the border, there was a pretty somber looking Canadian customs agent who without saying a word, gestured that I hand over our passports.  Or at least I assumed that's what she wanted.  She was all business, until she asked me about the last time I was in Canada.  I had mentioned that I had last been to Canada to fly fish, she instantly became very personable and even recommended a spot to try when I came back!

We aren't snowboarding or skiing experts by any means.  In fact, being San Diegans,  we are full snow weekend warriors.  Only a few of us actually have snowboards and ski's to pack!  We planned on renting all the gear on the mountain, but Nicole's uncle David suggested we check out GearHub for skis.  The shop had a large selection of used skis for such a bargain, we ended up purchasing gear for the kids for under a hundred bucks.  Much cheaper than renting on the mountain!




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What happened to Raymundo Engineering?
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All good things come to an end. We closed the doors to Raymundo Engineering Co. when the principal and founder passed away in 2018 from Pancreatic Cancer. Raymundo Engineering was instrumental in promoting alternative fuels. For more information on the founder or Raymundo Engineering, visit our archived pages.