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Team Stuff

Team photos and videos are password protected so nobody else has pictures of your kids. Your coach should send you the code.

String / Mesh / Custom Heads

STRINGING Worn strings? Your mesh not to spec? Not all pockets are created the same. Push your game to the next level with the ideal pocket for your position. I can fix your strings and get you back in the field quickly!

I can string your head for:

  • Attack
  • Midfield
  • Defense
  • Goal
  • Custom

We use top quality mesh from:

  • East Coast Dyes (ECD)
  • String King
  • More!


Show your team pride by dying your lacrosse head. Solid dyes, fades, skies the limit. Add your jersey number to your stick or custom logo! Send Noah a DM on @NoahFishStix or via Email

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