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Raymundo Engineering's background in a variety of Alternative Fuels, gives us the edge in designing your new project. We combine years of experience with the latest technologies to make the project a success. When working with Raymundo Engineering, we will work as partners in ensuring that the work is completed to your satisfaction - efficiently and on time.

Gaseous Vehicular Fuel Infrastructure

With global temperatures rising, it becomes increasingly important to limit CO2 emissions so as not to contribute to global warming. With the rise of cancer, asthma & other illnesses, the importance of decreasing particulate emissions & carcinogens has become more apparent.  Vehicles that operate on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), & hydrogen drastically lower these emissions and many cities & fleets are turning to these alternative fuels.  RECI is committed to improving air quality and reducing petroleum consumption by providing engineering & consulting services to agencies which strive to achieve local, state and federal vehicle emission standards with the use of alternative fuels.
Alternative fuels are not only better for our air, but they have proven to be more cost-effective (in both the cost of the fuel & the maintenance of the vehicles), and lower our dependence on foreign oil.
Raymundo Engineering Co., Inc. is a leader in clean air transportation infrastructure, specializing in the planning, design, and engineering of:

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