Raymundo Engineering

This website is archived. Raymundo Engineering is now closed. For more information visit our closure page.

Services Provided By Raymundo Engineering

•        Code Compliance Analysis
•        Feasibility Assessments & Budgetary Cost Opinions
•        Site Evaluations
•        Station Sizing Calculations
•        Performance Specifications
•        Conceptual Design
•        Schematic Design
•        Detailed Engineering (Preparation of Construction Drawings, Bid Package & Contract Documents)
•        Permitting Phase Support (Assistance in Securing Construction Permits)
•        Bid Phase Support (Assistance in Evaluating & Selecting Bids)
•        Witness Factory Testing of Major Equipment
•        Construction Phase Support (Evaluation of Contractor’s Change Orders, Questions & Inquiries)
•        Inspection and/or Observation of Construction Work
•        Witness/Assist in Testing and Commissioning of Facility
•        Assistance in Training Operation & Maintenance Personnel
•        Oversight of Third-Party Station Installers (Evaluation of Shop Drawings & Submittals)
•        Record Drawing Preparation
•        Maintenance & Operation Support (Troubleshooting Station Problems)
•        Litigation Assistant (Expert Witness Testimony)
•        Project Management
•        Consulting Services